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  • Phone 1800 121 2292

About Us



Our target for 2021 is to help all the importers who do import the LED lights from china. We will give them a best quality products at the best affordable prices that they take from any other countries. Our goal is to export the Indian LED lights to the other country market like Dubai, Australia, South Africa and other Europe country. So, that with export We can add up the Nation economic growth also and set the benchmark of Indian led lights in other countries and beat the china in led lights production As now the campaign is running all over India of make in India We are also promoting that. We are 100% Indian Manufacturing Industries of LED lights. Our Mission and goal is to stop the import of the LED lights from other countries and do manufacturing all in India.So that the economic growth position of India will also reach high level. We are always ready to support nation at any kind of help. We promote make in India. So, that we make all process in house do not depend on china. We also take care for the environment. If there is a new technology for production of led lights we are always welcoming that.


Dudhat Industries visions is to be a IPO listed company in 2021/2022 And making the 5000cr company within 10 years.Whatever effort need to put the team is always ready for it. Our vision is to be a leader in our industries and set the India product at different level. 


Dudhat Industries Pvt. Ltd is a strong team itself. Dudhat Industries having sales and R&D team , HR team , IT solution team, digital marketing team, designing team, production team We are 300 peoples team in which all are the experienced and well trained. all the process and units have one or two young leader they lead the team and take out the best output from them what is possible. Our Entire team is always ready for taking the challenges and ready to accept the technology. We are having all the young team of young India and that all team focus itself by their own efforts. So, we know the future of led lights and we are giving our 100% efforts in making Dudhat industry as a leader of market.


Dudhat Industries is located at Bakrol Ahemedabad. We having 6000 sq feet four floor factory itself and having other 5000sq feet 5 units nearby factory. We have started this with the 500sq feet before 18 year and by adding efforts and good inputs and we made it at this Level. We having all the facilities in our infrastructure like separate offices for different department, Reception , meeting room, display room for products , production wise areas and floors , goods lift for convenience of caring. Also having dispatch area and stores for products etc. We believe in Green Environment and we support it. So, we keep out infrastructure clean and also try to clear nearby areas and that can not harm the environment. We follow the government norms for our infrastructure and for Environment.